I encourage people to call these bastards and let the management know that they can’t run a proper business.  Those racist fucks can rot for eternity for all I care.  I just can’t let last year’s incident behind me.  I know it’s petty, but I can’t forget what happened.  I’ll get even and I won’t let them think they won.  Peace and love to all non idiots!

Is Everything Equal?

My interests vary from day to day.  I have been watching movies lately and haven’t been playing videogames and listening to music.  My problem with the movie part is that I have been watching horror movies.  I think I’m watching them because I wish it was me.  I’m not homicidal.  I do get angry and annoyed by certain people, but I just yell.  I could never harm another person.  Or another mammal for that matter.  I think everything’s equal and I’m not some vegan or PETA supporter because I’m an omnivore, obviously.

I Try To Be Nice

So, there is this woman here.  She’s nice overall, but she does give this very handicapped man a hard time from time to time.  At least she’s nice to me.  Then again I don’t do anything to get on her nerves.  I try to be courteous and respectful because I expect to be treated the same way and I am.  I just wish I was out of here though.  I’ve almost been here 4 months so it’s about damn time that I start really pushing.  This case management agency I’m with is doing jack shit and I have to let them know that.  Even if it means calling them everyday.  I’ll just annoy them until I get what I need.

Getting Used To It (nudity on bottom!)


I’m questioning some things.  Not only am I considering a collagen injection on a sunken scar on my right arm, but maybe I’m actually considering to give up cutting in general.  It’s still up in the air though and if I do then it will just be superficial.  If it’s superficial what’s the point in doing it in the first place?  I just hate walking around with short sleeves, but I’ll get used to it eventually.  I just have to prevent myself from harming myself.  Wish me luck I guess.


I Feel Insecure Over My Cutting

During my first hospital stay in 2008 there was this one woman named Erin.  It was so awkward being around her.  Not only because she would at me and hang around me as well, but she touched my somewhat deep scar on my right arm.  I still remember that moment vividly and it brings me thoughts that make me wonder.  Why would she do that?  Was it curiosity or was it something else?  All I know is how I felt about that situation.  I know I shouldn’t dwell that far in the past and I promise I won’t bring this up again.  I fucking promise this time!